Taking Arab Society From Darkness to Light

Women and Arab Society

As long as the Arab world keeps women down, it will not progress...


Maybe Netanyahu Is Just Sick of It All

In a new election Netanyahu would be fighting for his life. He would go for broke and try to attack anyone who gets in his way with all his might


Abandoned Minority

Arab Leaders, Police Share the Blame for Crime Afflicting Israeli Arab Towns


Battling Tribalism in Israeli Politics

It must be said unequivocally that any party that doesn’t aspire to replace the government, or at least to be part of a coalition that would be an alternative to the current government, has no political right to exist.


Abed L. Azab || Yes, I’m going to vote in the Israeli election

As in every election campaign, there is an opportunity to vote and exert influence. This time we must do so, to end the nightmare of right-wing rule.


Why Should an Israeli Arab Vote?

the existence of democratic elections – is being upheld doesn’t entitle the country to be called a true democracy


The Israelification of Israeli Arabs

Contrary to prevailing conceptions, it turns out that the Arab public yearns to participate in determining the political and social agenda of this country.


UL Lafayette Choir || The Song About the Child

Live track from the UL Lafayette Chamber Singers in New Orleans.


An Empty Zionist Bluff Appears in Galilee

Since its founding, Nazareth Illit’s name has been tied to that of the Arab city. Now it is being reborn with the name Nof Hagalil, which is nothing more than an empty Zionist bluff.


Israel’s left is like the right

Anyone who aspires to lay a foundation for a genuine left must reject this separation. He must break the partitions that separate the country’s citizens on a religious or ethnic basis.


A police force of and for all citizens

Civil equality requires, among other things, acceptance of civic responsibility for the entire public, regardless of religion, race and gender. 


Another Tragic Farce in the Making

Mahmoud Abbas has threatened in the past to do just that. Now he has the opportunity to make a dramatic move that would fundamentally alter the picture.


Good night, Blue and White

The most the Arabs can aspire to is to provide indirect help in forging a “Jewish unity” government. This indicates that the problem is in the Jewish court, not the Arab one.


The Joint List has no right to exist

Putting all Arab representatives together is an obstacle to the possibility of creating a civic national discourse that crosses ethnic and communal boundaries


Exciting Election? Israel Is Snoring

In democratic regimes the opposition is supposed to provide alternatives to the government. These alternatives are meant to show a different path in terms of ideas, society and politics.


Arab MKs must not shy away from seeking power

The Arab MKs, who swear allegiance to the state from the Knesset podium, must demand, and receive, all the rights granted to MKs, without exception.


Arabs, boycott the election in droves

Since political imagination is a rare commodity among the Arabs and their leaders I don’t foresee such a thing happening. 

  • Iran’s Messianic War

    The Islamic revolution, which brought the ayatollahs to power in Iran, awakened messianic demons from their sleep. The rulers dreamed of a greater Iran and acted to export the revolution beyond their borders.

    The decay in the Arab world

    With great sadness, it can be said that in the absence of a sane civil alternative, the Arab world will continue along this path.

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  • The Massacre of Arab Nationalism

    It must be admitted that the siege imposed on Gaza ever since Hamas took power there isn’t just an Israeli siege. It’s also an Arab one – because a single Egyptian decision would be enough to break the siege on Gaza’s border with Egypt.

    A Feeble Middle East

    The West learned on its own flesh that this region conducts itself by other codes. Iran has continued to entrench its standing by means of its religious ideology. The toppling of Saddam Hussein shattered the illusion of the existence of a unifying “Iraqi identity” .

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  • Neither Arab nor Spring

    The vicissitudes that have, for some reason, been collectively dubbed the "Arab Spring" are neither Arab nor Spring. One can say that they are actually living proof of the identity crisis and reverberating bankruptcy of Arab nationalism.

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  • Welcome Back to History

    Islam, like other imperialist ideologies, still needs enemies to flourish. Enemies have served Islam in the past as fuel for its wagons. Without enemies Islam declines and stagnates...

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  • The pit and the pendulum

    In those days, we did not drink four goblets of wine, because everything that gladdens the human heart is not a part of our custom.

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  • Solomon’s Mosque

    Religion, every religion, is the No. 1 enemy of nationalism. But under conditions of tension, such as tribal warfare, these polar opposites combine into a toxic soup that consumes all common sense.

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  • Never-ending tragedy

    The Israeli right, in all its forms, wants exclusively Jewish control over all of the Land of Israel. To the Palestinians who live in this space, it promises residency – temporary, of course, on condition that they keep their heads down, accept their designated status and behave accordingly.

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  • Hamas in the service of Israel

    Hamas rule isn’t the enemy of the Israeli right. Au contraire, it’s the loyal servant of all the right-wing governments. Since the occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in the Six-Day War, all Israeli governments have devoted all their time and energy to fighting the Palestinian national movement


מיון החומרים


Selected Topics

  • Martin Niemöller

    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the Socialist
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist.

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  • Salman Masalha

    Beyond my door which faces west
    Lives a woman who'll never rest.

    She likes to tease my nomad soul
    With words she keeps for gloomy fall.
  • Balkrishna Sama

    He who loves flowers, has a tender heart.
    he who cannot pluck their blooms,
    has a heart that's noble.

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