Inside Every Islamist Is a Latent Smotrich

It is no coincidence that ISIS operates in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya, which in the past were the standard bearers of Arab nationalism.

Questions for Seder Night

Rabbi Ismail used to say: Anyone who doesn’t say these words on the night of closure has not fulfilled his obligations. These words are: robbery, siege and bitter herbs...

Jewish and degenerate

Racism and chauvinism, regardless of which side they come from, destroy every bit of gray matter in the human brain...

The Crimes Of The Regime And Of The Opposition

What is happening now in the Syrian arena, and has been happening for months, is the best proof of the ruin and desolation [that afflict] this land...

Yahya Hassan || Childhood

Yahya Hassan || Childhood

Five children lined up and a father with a club
Weeping and a pool of piss
In turn we stretch out our hands
For the sake of predictability
The sound when blows rain down
Sister jumping so quickly
From one foot to the other
The piss is a waterfall down her legs
First one hand forward then another
Are we not quick enough the blows will be indiscriminate
A blow a scream a number 30 or 40 sometimes 50
And finally a kick in the ass as we exit the door
He grabs brother at the shoulders stands him up
Goes on beating and counting
I lower my gaze and wait for my turn
Mother smashing plates in the staircase
While al-Jazeera transmits
Hyperactive bulldozers and resentful body parts
Gaza Strip in sunshine
Flags burned
If a Zionist will not recognize our existence
If we exist at all
When we hiccup our fear and pain
When we gasp for breath or meaning
In school we must not speak Arabic
At home we must not speak Danish
A blow a scream a number

Source: Dispatch International

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