The Little Girl from Gaza

Salman Masalha

The Little Girl from Gaza

The little girl from Gaza
builds nests
of sea feathers.
The man who stands by the wall
hides in his eyes a necklace
strung of memory leaves.

When the street runs
beneath untamed steps,
the nests cracks
open with legends.
Boys scamper
in the dusk colors.
They gather the muffled voice
from the desert sands.

 At evening,
the necklace scatters the beads
from the eyes, and moisten
the seapath.
dispatches the smile
into exile.
The poet's soul
is spent in words.

Translated by Vivian Eden

From: Rish al-Bahr (Sea Feathers), Zaman Publications, Jerusalem 1999.

For the Arabic text, press here.
For Hebrew translation, press here.
For French translation, press here.
For German translation, press here.

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